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Meta’s VR/AR timeline for the next few years has been leaked

In addition to the predictable upgrades to VR headsets, Meta has its sights set on AR glasses

Many are wondering what the future of virtual and augmented reality will look like, and thanks to a leak courtesy of The Verge, the near future has become a little more demystified. Meta’s timeline for their next few years of VR/AR releases has been made public, and it includes not only the next iteration of the Meta Quest, but also a renewed focus on AR glasses.

To start with, the Meta Quest 3 is currently codenamed “Stinson” and will most likely ship this year. Said to be around twice as powerful as the Meta Quest 2, the upcoming device will borrow some features from the hefty Meta Quest Pro. This includes full passthrough technology, as it is reported that Meta wants users to be able to “effortlessly” be able to walk through their home with the headset on. This opens up the Meta Quest 3 to AR use cases in addition to VR. Two other headsets, codenamed “Ventura” and “La Jolla” are said to also be in production at different price points.

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Further down the line, Meta has its sights on true AR glasses, codenamed “Orion.” According to the company’s timeline, Meta wants to have a limited number of Orion glasses available to the public in 2027. Having already been in development for 8 years, the company is excited for the Orion glasses not only for the advancement in technology, but for the new lanes of revenue they could open up for the company. While they would allow users to interact with the world around them in a new way, including purchasing products virtually, the Orion glasses would also create new lanes of ad revenue for Meta. Meta employees are said to be giving the glasses some hands-on testing sometime next year.


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