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A 2006 NASA surveillance van packed with cameras can be yours for $27,000

Why is this 2006 Econoline E-250 being sold for $26,795? It isn’t just the fact that it only has 1,863 miles on it. As originally reported by The Autopian, a Chicago dealership has a rather interesting vehicle up for sale: a surveillance van for NASA that has been kitted out with retractable cameras, LCD screens, audio recorders, and more.

A plaque on the interior indicates that Florida’s Innovative Surveillance Technology was responsible for converting the van for NASA’s Protective Services division, reportedly surveilling either NASA facilities or assets. These conversions include multiple LCD screens that monitor six video inputs (one of which is a videoscope camera), Sony video recorders, Marantz audio recorders, seven audio inputs, and the appropriate gear to keep everything properly synced.

Sure, it may be listed to only get 17 miles per gallon on the highway, and the tech it’s packed with may be dated, but it’s undeniable that this AV-fitted van has a certain cool factor. If you have $27,000 to spend, it could be yours.


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