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Issue 11


Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ

Vaddio brings 4K technology to the RoboSHOT PTZ line with the 20 UHD. For customers needing quality in either UHD or HD video, this is an affordable option that...


Vaddio RoboTRAK

The Vaddio RoboTRAK camera tracking system was designed to be an easy to install, easy to use version of the company’s marketleading AutoTRAK. Intended for venues of all sizes...


Altinex MT322-105 and MT322-107

Altinex introduces the MT322-105 and MT322-107 (International version) Power Distribution Cards for use with the company’s MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. Both units distribute AC power from a single AC source...


Revolab FLX UC 1500

Revolab’s FLX UC 1500 the flexible conferencing solution allows any user, on any telephony application, within any meeting space, to collaborate with other members. The company positions it as...


Hall Research EMX-I-AMP

The Hall Research EMX-I-AMP is a 4K HDMI audio extractor with built-in 50-watt audio amplifier for direct connection to 8 ohm speakers. The device provides a separate stereo input...



When the technology in its operations center needed a refresh, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) worked with companies including RP Visual Solutions (RPV) and Christie to install a...


Cynthia Wisehart on Made in China

As we go to press, the mayor of Los Angeles, where I live, hosted a big event to celebrate the selling-out of Hollywood to China. Specifically to the Dalian...


Smooth Presentation

How event production company OMAGE created a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using Analog Way product.

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