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On the Circuit: Welcome to SVConline

Our new website-in-progress debuts

As you read this we are probably in beta with our ambitious new website. You may have even seen it, since we are going to go live while still in process. I understand that’s a thing these days.

This is a big, important upgrade for SVC. We built our original website 10 years ago when the Internet was still a very different place.

One of the innovations we were able to pull off in those long ago days was called the Briefing Room (now The Wire). We did it with the help of our readers, customers and the industry’s tireless band of publicists. This was envisioned as a virtual press conference, where you could go to see the day’s news releases from across the industry. Remember 10 years ago that was new ground.

Obviously news releases are not a substitute for editorial reporting (though I know that many news outlets pretend they are—they just rewrite a few sentences and call it reporting). But releases can be a very good foundation, why disguise them as anything else? By presenting news releases in their original form, it frees us to spend our editorial time doing more editorial things, like going to site, and making hundred of actual phone calls to verify information and testing equipment for ourselves. Modern readers know how to read a press release, and modern publicists know that a good press release needs to be more than a marketing puff piece.

Through the efforts of a few early adopters (thank you) the Wire has grown to hundreds of contributors and you’ll see 10-30 posts a day there, depending on the season. It won a national publishing award that normally goes to consumer magazines including Slate, The Street, Time, and Forbes. Good company to be in. And if you wish to join as a contributor please email [email protected].

Part of this transition will be to insure that the Wire remains that vital gathering place and resource that it is now. I’m personally committed to that effort because once the transition is complete The Wire will give us all a broader platform for communication.

Our new site will also do something else I’ve wanted for a long time. It will make some of our outstanding authors more visible. You may not know that Bennett Liles has a long-standing, excellent series of podcasts. You may not have been seeing Bob McCarthy’s great tomes on acoustics. Or Jan Ozer on streaming and compression.  Or Vern Friedlander on digital signage, Midori Connolly on rental & staging. You may not see the work that John McJunkin and Strother Bullins put into their hands-on product reviews.

I hope our new site will give you better access to all the many, many people who contribute to it and put a face to all the work going on behind the scenes.

I hope you’ll join us at the new site, and bear with the rollout process, which will not be perfect.  Please understand that our strength is also our challenge. We have a lot of material! My intention and my commitment is to help you find our content better so we can continue to help you in your work in whatever way we can.

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