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December 1999

December 1999 Departments moXi Creative launched Cindy Holst Tony Cruz announced the launch of the company moXi Creative, a design house based in the San Francisco area. The company...


November 1999

November 1999 Columns PREPARING YOURSELF for the future Alan Kruglak Along with most other Americans, I am sick and tired of hearing about the millennium, whether it is spelled...


October 1999

October 1999 Departments Imax purchases Digital Projection International Cindy Scullin Digital Projection announces that Imax Corporation has purchased all outstanding shares of Digital Projection International (DPI), the corporate holding…...


September 1999

September 1999 Columns Outside the box: Prospering for the long haul Alan Kruglak As a rule of thumb, human beings are creatures of habit. The status quo is everything,...


August 1999

August 1999 Columns SHOOTING FISH in a barrel Alan Kruglak In 1986, our company was awarded a contract to provide low-voltage systems for Sprint (previously GTE Sprint) nationwide. Of...


July 1999

July 1999 Video Projections THE HEART OF THE MATTER: cable basics Pete Putman It’s a fact of life; the active components in any professional A-V installation get most of...


May 1999

May 1999 Columns WHO’S AFRAID of the Big Bad Wolf Alan Kruglak Every night, I read a book to my youngest, Eric. His favorite book is about the wolf...


April 1999

April 1999 Columns WINNING growth projects Alan Kruglak Whenever I think about a historical event or remember something memorable, I usually associate it with a one-liner. One of my...


March 1999

March 1999 Columns DETERMINING the standard for profitability Alan Kruglak After many years of being too busy, I decided it was time to get an annual medical physical examination....


February 1999

February 1999 Columns RAISING your hourly service rates Alan Kruglak History is replete with allegedly crazy people who, in actuality, were not only sane, but also actually changed the...


January 1999

January 1999 Departments Business News Tiffany Seeman Switchcraft holds drawing Switchcraft, Chicago, participated in the 1998 NAB Radio Prize Patrol Giveaway and sponsored its own pre-show mail drawing…. People...

Re-Sauce To Strengthen Foothold in Europe

Re-Sauce are very pleased to announce that they strengthened their presence on the European markets by establishing a business activity hub in Germany. The European hub is designed to...