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Review: Adder DDX KVM Matrix Switch

Systems for video production, streaming, live events, and security are loaded with computers—and control rooms are loaded with keyboards, monitors, and mouse(s), or other controllers. In this universe, KVM...


Review: Cardinal HDMI test set

I’m a test equipment kind of guy.  I want be able to measure and generate signals objectively, based on known parameters, rather than relying on the good graces of...


Review: Sony VPL-FHZ120L

All too often, I have a client who has a projection need that falls into the gap between the available options. It may be pricing or features, but I...


James Colquhoun on Sony VPL-PWZ10

Sony has been in the laser projection business since 2013. They have two broad lines of projectors that are aimed at the installation market. One is what Sony refers...


James Colquhoun on Canon REALiS 4K600STZ

Canon gave us an amazing 4K projector in the REALiS 4K500ST and the REALiS 4K501ST multimedia projectors. Both provide amazing color and clarity. Now, Canon has taken the idea...


Test Site: Liz May on Presonus

Yet because PreSonus tends to optimize its designs and technologies for the working musician, it can sometimes limit the same products in the professional realm. That said, PreSonus is...


Strother Bullins on Sennheiser TeamConnect

Over seven decades, German pro audio manufacturer Sennheiser secured its legendary reputation by building worldclass microphones, headphones and wireless systems, yet arguably some of its most interesting products have...


Strother Bullins on CAD Audio CADLive WX3000

Having previously reviewed CAD Audio’s CADLive D90 supercardioid dynamic handheld microphone, I was eager to audition the CADLive 3000 UHF Wireless Series. It benefits from having a handheld transmitter...


Strother Bullins on CADLive D90 handheld mic

CAD Audio has become well known for its overachieving products, especially considering their various lines’ relatively low price points. First thriving in the project studio with its Equitek line...


Strother Bullins on Dacs Limited Test Lab

On stages, behind sanctuaries and elsewhere inside theaters, houses-of-worship and various performance venues throughout the country, there is almost always a lack of sufficient test tools available to the...


Strother Bullins on Cymatic Audio uTracK 24

Whether for live, installed sound or location recording applications, Cymatic Audio’s affordable uTrack 24 is a highly-functional yet cleanly designed and intuitive multitrack recorder/player and 24-input/output USB audio interface....


James Colquohoun on Canon WUX6010

When it comes to installing projectors, we have a rather large array of options from which to choose. So, what make one better than another? Better stated, what are...


Jim Colquhoun on NEC NP-UM352W

It has been a while since I took a close look at one of the newer ultra short-throw projectors. When I started looking closely at the NP-UM352W, I was...


Jim Colquhoun on NEC UM352W

It has been a while since I took a close look at one of the newer ultra short-throw projectors. When I started looking closely at the NP-UM352W, I was...


Jim Colquhoun on Sony VPL-FHZ65

We’ve heard a lot about laser-based projection over the last three or four years. From the outset, the technology promised low maintenance and long lamp life. Early models were...

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